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Vip lounge

At Kay Escorts an extra-ordinary escort service awaits you which promotes long-term relationships with most of our customers. You will gain access to our exclusive Vip lounge after your first successful booking and known to the agency with your complete name as well as your E-mail address or your telephone number.

Benefits for our VIP clients

  • Possessing your own password which enables you to access the VIP Lounge. There you find additional Escorts and see the uncovered photos of all ladies. Our VIP log-in is changed in regular intervals, please send us an email with your name and contact details known to the agency to obtain the new log-in credentials. Clients who have not used our services for more than 6 months are no longer entitled to the new VIP access, but only after a new booking or a payment of 750€, which will be offset and credited against the next booking. Unfortunately, it often happens that clients keep asking for the new access code without any true intentions of making a booking. If each of these clients receives the log-in access again and again, the exclusivity, for which ‘VIP’ actually stands, is no longer guaranteed and the privacy of the ladies is negatively affected.
  • In the Vip lounge you can share your experiences with our ladies on a special feedback page for VIP´s.

Important information

If you like to obtain access to our Vip lounge before your 1st booking, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Please provide us with references of one or more Escort Agencies whose services you have used within the last 3 months.
  • A down payment of 750€ which will be credited with your booking in the following 6 months. The down payment will not be refunded in case you don´t make any booking and the access to our Vip lounge will also be cancelled.
  • If you receive VIP access from me, I would like to ask you not to pass it on to third parties, not even to ladies of my agency and certainly not to any ladies of other agencies. Unfortunately, this has already happened in the past and the privacy and discretion of the ladies could no longer be ensured. Please respect and regard the privacy of my ladies just the same as you would like us to respect and honour your own. Should I learn that a client doesn’t comply with this, he will no longer be given access to the VIP Lounge in the future. Thank you for your understanding!

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