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Welcome to Kay’s Escort Agency

Your Exclusive German Escort Agency since 2003

Your Exclusive German Escort Agency since 2003

Philosophy of our High-Class Escort Agency

The most exquisite pleasure is giving pleasure to others. Jean de la Bruyere

Competence & Experience

Kay Escorts was founded in 2003 and has since then placed itself globally as one of the most reliable first class escort agencies around. My agency has since been standing for quality, discretion, reliability and trust.

Exclusive escort — quality rather than quantity

There are many beautiful women around, but beauty is by far not the only quality of the Ladies represented by me. Only a few exceptional escort ladies embody an attractive appearance with congeniality, intellect, devotion and passion. As opposed to many other agencies, I am personally acquainted with all the ladies and have become convinced of their quality in the course of an extensive interview.

You may meet with young, natural girly-like ladies, as well as elegant and experienced cosmopolitan ladies over the age of 35. We don’t think it’s necessary to make a lady’s age a secret, because for us, it’s a sign of quality of life and the freedom to be able to live life according to one’s own fashion. Kay’s ladies have style, class and esprit and enrich every man who appreciates these virtues.

Whether you choose a young girl for Frankfurt escort or an experienced Dusseldorf escorts: as an Escort Lady, they fulfil their dream to submerge into another world from time to time and as amorous temptresses flee from mundane life.

Trust and loyalty

I know a lot of my clients for years now, and they value the reliable and discrete co-operation that has developed into a trustworthy relationship over the years. Their desires are known to me and thus make details redundant. It is my concern to assist you with the organization of a memorable time – discreet, straightforward, and reliable. I see it as my highest goal to arrange a memorable time for our clients with the perfect date.

Carpe Diem,

Yours Kay Escort, signature, black

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I had a great time with Mira during my trip to Frankfurt! We met at my hotel and headed out for drin…

New Feedback

I had a great time with Mira! She is an amazing girl and great company. I would love to see her agai…

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Additional Frequently Asked Questions

When should the meeting be arranged?

Since all ladies have regular jobs or are students, aside from their work as an escort, early booking arrangements are of great importance for them.

What about the duration of the appointment?

It is up to you, whether you would like to invite the lady for a couple of hours, an overnight stay or even for several days. For shorter bookings, please consider the minimum duration time for non-hometown bookings. Appointments starting after 10pm and not taking place in the lady’s home area should at least have a minimum duration of 10-12 hours. If the meeting should take place after 9pm and you happen to use our services for the first time, we kindly ask for a down payment of one third of the rate. If you like to invite a lady to a city more than 450km away from her hometown, but still located in Europe, the minimum booking duration should be 6 hours. Travel expenses will be calculated individually.

Phone or Email?

If you wish to arrange for a date on the same day, we advise you to contact us by phone. Other than that, we always prefer inquiries by email. Inquiries or bookings made via SMS or What’s App cannot always be considered. Calls with withheld numbers will not be answered. Please also pay attention to the choice of words in your inquiry. If it is not in accordance to the level of my agency, it will simply be ignored. Kindly confirm your meeting by noontime of the agreed day by email or phone call.

May I contact the ladies before or after a booking?

Kindly respect the fact, that the ladies have chosen an agency, which is responsible for the bookings, all inquiries and also for forwarding your individual requests to them. Please understand, that the ladies value discretion and insist on preserving their privacy, just as you do. We therefore appreciate your understanding, that any means of contact before and after an appointment is not desired. Besides, we would like to allude at this point that we do not take any responsibility for any problems which may occur if you, during a meeting, give your private or business data, such as email or telephone numbers to the lady. If you are interested in booking a lady directly without the agency, please contact an independent escort. Please be a gentleman and do not bother our ladies with persistent requests for their private number and/or mail address. Our ladies have been repeatedly reporting this and it is very disturbing and annoying.

Where should the meeting take place?

When choosing your hotel, we would like you to keep in mind, that beautiful surroundings are vital for the ladies’ well-being. They prefer to stay at first-class hotels, which should at least fall into the four star range. Visits at your home are for various reasons not the philosophy of my agency and are not offered if you use our agency for the first time. Exceptions might be made if you are a returning client and have successfully used our services before, however the final decision has to be made by the requested lady. For visits to the client’s home, full advance payment of the fee including travel expenses is expected.

What must I consider in respect of a Duo-Booking?

To be sure that the chemistry between both girls is right, please consider the duo-partner-reference in the lady’s profile or consult me for advice. Only then can we guarantee, that the date will turn out to be successful. If you intend to bring a lady from Kay Escorts together with a lady from another agency, please inform us to provide the lady with the chance to adjust her mindset. Should the ladies not know each other, alternatively had not been recommended by us for a DUO-booking, we shall not be able to guarantee the success for the evening, as the decisive factor would largely depend on an amiable inclination.

Which information do I have to provide?

The safety of the ladies is a matter that I am highly concerned about, and it is indispensable that you provide your correct and complete name and a telephone number where you can be reached on the day of the appointment and/or during the date. If it turns out, that the name provided does not correspond to the name by which you are registered in your hotel, the meeting will not take place. I can assure you, that your personal information will be treated with utmost discretion and will, by no means, be passed on to third parties.

May I meet the lady before booking her for an appointment over few days?

Should you plan to invite a lady as your escort for several days, we kindly advise you to meet the lady during a shorter date first. However, social meetings just for a coffee or dinner in order to get to know each other are not possible.

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