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Terms & Conditions

I. General Business Terms and Conditions of Kay Escorts® Agency

The object of the following general business terms and conditions is (1) the mediation and placement offers of Kay Escorts® Agency, hereinafter called “agent”, as well as (2) the general business terms and conditions of the individual providers of services, hereinafter called “provider”. The particular recipient of services shall be called “client”.

All statutory regulations remain inviolated.

1. Contract with the agency

The agency offers contracts between the client and the provider regarding services along the guidelines of escort services. Full particulars are regulated in the individual general business terms and conditions of the specific provider. The purpose of the agent is to properly convey each client´s desired services. The particular service by the provider is not a component of the intermediary contract.

2. Duties of the agent

The offers by the agent are generally nonbinding and uncommittal. The agent is endeavored towards attaining a contract/agreement between a client and the provider regarding certain desired services.

3. Pictorial and textual description of provider services by the agent

These descriptions are based on individual statements, submissions and information given by the provider. The agent is not responsible or accountable for any individual content made by the provider.

4. Payment, (Power of) Authority for receiving payments

The client is not billed any separate charge or fee for referral or mediation. The individual services are directly settled between the client and the provider.
If the agent is authorized to receive the payment, the power of authority is hereby given.

5. Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of the court, to the extent legally permissible, is Wiesbaden, Germany.


II. General business termans and conditions for the provider

1. Nature and extent of the services of the provider

The nature and extent of all owed contractual services are subject to the individual agreements between the provider and the client, as well as these general business terms and conditions.

2. Booking, Conclusion of contracts

Any contract between the provider and the client is concluded once/as soon as the nonbinding booking request is accepted.

3. Payment

Any particular payment is only subject to company and time of the provider and not to any further services. Travel expenses will be charged additionally and are to be paid in the full amount in advance. The agent hereby has the power of authority to receive these payments. The same applies if a provider requests such a pre-payment.
Generally, all discussed payments are to be paid on the client´s own accord in the beginning of all meetings in an open envelope and in cash.

4. Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of the court, to the extent legally permissible, is Wiesbaden, Germany.

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