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Everything you need to know about our services


When should the meeting be arranged?

Since all ladies have regular jobs or are students, aside from their work as an escort, early booking arrangements are of great importance for them.

Where should the meeting take place?

When choosing your hotel, we would like you to keep in mind, that beautiful surroundings are vital for the ladies’ well-being. They prefer to stay at first-class hotels, which should at least fall into the four star range. Visits at your home are for various reasons not the philosophy of my agency and are not offered if you use our agency for the first time. Exceptions might be made if you are a returning client and have successfully used our services before, however the final decision has to be made by the requested lady. For visits to the client’s home, full advance payment of the fee including travel expenses is expected.

What about the duration of the appointment?

It is up to you, whether you would like to invite the lady for a couple of hours, an overnight stay or even for several days. For shorter bookings, please consider the minimum duration time for non-hometown bookings. Appointments starting after 10pm and not taking place in the lady’s home area should at least have a minimum duration of 10-12 hours. If the meeting should take place after 9pm and you happen to use our services for the first time, we kindly ask for a down payment of one third of the rate. If you like to invite a lady to a city more than 450km away from her hometown, but still located in Europe, the minimum booking duration should be 6 hours. Travel expenses will be calculated individually.

How can I find out which service the ladies offer during private time?

We do not list personal services in the Lady’s profile, because there are so many preferences that we could not consider all in the listing. Please feel free to let us know your preferences in your request and we can recommend suitable escort models who offer the desired services. However, it should always be taken into consideration that it may depend on chemistry and personal hygiene when implementing different service offers and therefore can not be guaranteed in advance

What must I consider in respect of a Duo-Booking?

To be sure that the chemistry between both girls is right, please consider the duo-partner-reference in the lady’s profile or consult me for advice. Only then can we guarantee, that the date will turn out to be successful. If you intend to bring a lady from Kay Escorts together with a lady from another agency, please inform us to provide the lady with the chance to adjust her mindset. Should the ladies not know each other, alternatively had not been recommended by us for a DUO-booking, we shall not be able to guarantee the success for the evening, as the decisive factor would largely depend on an amiable inclination.

Phone or Email?

If you wish to arrange for a date on the same day, we advise you to contact us by phone. Other than that, we always prefer inquiries by email. Inquiries or bookings made via SMS or What’s App cannot always be considered. Calls with withheld numbers will not be answered. Please also pay attention to the choice of words in your inquiry. If it is not in accordance to the level of my agency, it will simply be ignored. Kindly confirm your meeting by noontime of the agreed day by email or phone call.

Which information do I have to provide?

The safety of the ladies is a matter that I am highly concerned about, and it is indispensable that you provide your correct and complete name and a telephone number where you can be reached on the day of the appointment and/or during the date. If it turns out, that the name provided does not correspond to the name by which you are registered in your hotel, the meeting will not take place. I can assure you, that your personal information will be treated with utmost discretion and will, by no means, be passed on to third parties.

May I contact the ladies before or after a booking?

Kindly respect the fact, that the ladies have chosen an agency, which is responsible for the bookings, all inquiries and also for forwarding your individual requests to them. Please understand, that the ladies value discretion and insist on preserving their privacy, just as you do. We therefore appreciate your understanding, that any means of contact before and after an appointment is not desired. Besides, we would like to allude at this point that we do not take any responsibility for any problems which may occur if you, during a meeting, give your private or business data, such as email or telephone numbers to the lady. If you are interested in booking a lady directly without the agency, please contact an independent escort. Please be a gentleman and do not bother our ladies with persistent requests for their private number and/or mail address. Our ladies have been repeatedly reporting this and it is very disturbing and annoying.

May I meet the lady before booking her for an appointment over several days?

Should you plan to invite a lady as your escort for several days, we kindly advise you to meet the lady during a shorter date first. However, social meetings just for a coffee or dinner in order to get to know each other are not possible.


What do I have to consider if a lady has to travel by train or plane to the requested destination?

If it is necessary for the lady to arrive by plane or by train due, we also take care of the booking and the purchase of the ticket, after all travel expenses have been paid for in advance. Marginal costs will accrue for the transportation by taxi from the airport or train station to the meeting point. Since these costs are not determinable in advance, we will charge a lump sum of approx. 80 to 200 EUR, which depends on the respective distance.

How about meetings outside of Europe?

If you are inviting a lady to a country outside of Europe (e.g. Asia), the minimum time should be 48 hours. The time is calculated from the lady’s arrival in the destination country until the “check-in” time of her return flight. What we would recommend for overseas flights and what would be much more cost-friendly than a business class flight, would be for the lady to arrive one day earlier in economy class. We would reserve a hotel room for her where she can rest after the long flight until the date begins the next day. This gives her the opportunity to sleep and overcome her jet lag, so she can be well rested and fresh on her date with you. We do, however, charge an “extra day” for overseas flights on top of the actual booking duration. This is based on the fact that due to the time difference and an often 12-15 hours return flight, the ladies are usually travelling for 2 additional days to the actual booking duration. Since the “additional days” are based on a 4-hour date fee, this is certainly justifiable for you and also easy to understand.

Arriving and departing together

If you wish to travel together with the lady (by plane, car or train), the travel time is calculated as booking time at 50%.


What happens if there is no liking between the lady and me?

If, on first encounter, you notice that you have no liking for each other, you are able to cancel the date. Your decision, however, should be expressed at the beginning and not in the course of the meeting. The “beginning of the meeting” naturally depends on the length of respective booking. Should a case like this arise, I will ask you to compensate the lady for her travel expenses and her time expenditures. Furthermore, I would appreciate it, if you could contact me afterwards in order to describe your reasons and your disapproval. I will consequently find out more about your expectations and wishes and will be able to provide you with better advice for future meetings and mediations. If it is the case, that the lady had a longer journey to your meeting destination or the appointment is in a foreign country, a 30% cancellation fee on top of the travelling expenses will accrue.

What to do if I have to break off the date?

After the beginning of the appointment, if you are not able to make use of the complete planned time because of, for example, sudden unpredictable business engagements, we still have to charge the agreed fee. Please bear in mind that the lady has blocked the time free for you and therefore has not been able to take other appointments. WE also like to inform you, that the time margin can not be made up for at a later appointment.

What happens if I have to cancel the date?

If a change in your business schedule is likely to prevent you from keeping your appointment, we would appreciate being informed in a timely manner. Due to the fact that the ladies representing Kay Escorts are also indulged in professional lives and are compelled to take 1-2 days off work for an appointment, we kindly ask you to inform us at least 24 hours in advance before the beginning of pre-planned dates in the cases of a change of date or cancellation. If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, we shall bill one third of the remuneration fees previously agreed upon to compensate the lady for her work stoppage. If a booking for one or several overnights is requested by a new client, we expect a down payment of at least one third of the fee agreed upon, before we can confirm the booking. The down payment will also be necessary if the overnight booking takes place in the lady´s hometown. If we have already purchased flight- or train tickets, we will try our best to get a refund but this unfortunately is only possible in very few cases.


If a client should cancel a date twice in a row with the same lady, we shall charge 50% of the payable amount upon the second cancellation as a deficiency fee.


How important is discretion?

Discretion is just as important to us as it is to you. You can be reassured, that I will keep your personal data confidential. Please respect the ladies´ privacy as well, and do not pass on their identities or private and personal details to any others. To make the meeting as comfortable as possible for both of you, please avoid mentioning experiences with other agencies and escorts. I like to point out that it is extremely impolite and indiscreet to give away names of other ladies or talk about their private lives. Unfortunately, this has often happened in the past. Also, the lady may lose her trust in you, as she must fear your talking about her with your next Escort. Gossip is not conducive to harmonious togetherness. When being with an escort lady, please do not insist on having her private contact details, that is not wanted and puts her in an uncomfortable situation. Besides, we would like to allude at this point that we do not take any responsibility for any problems which may occur if you, during a meeting, give your private or business data, such as email or telephone numbers to the lady.

Vip access

If you receive VIP access from me, I would like to ask you not to pass it on to third parties, not even to ladies of my agency and certainly not to any ladies of other agencies. Unfortunately, this has already happened in the past and the privacy and discretion of the ladies could no longer be ensured. Please respect and regard the privacy of my ladies just the same as you would like us to respect and honour your own. Should I learn that a client doesn’t comply with this, he will no longer be given access to the VIP Lounge in the future. Thank you for your understanding!


If I have a special liking for one lady, may I book her exclusively?

Are you charmed by one of our ladies and fret at the idea of having to share her with others? We are offering you an exclusive arrangement on this note. If this lady really means much to you, please abstain from compromising her with questions for a special arrangement, but approach us first instead. As the manager of the agency, I´ll line up an arrangement to your utmost satisfaction. Based on my long-term experience, I´d like to draw two aspects to your attention: • An exclusive arrangement should not be considered at least not before 4 regular bookings have taken place, because often after the first date a feeling of infatuation instantly arises which evaporates quite quickly. • Should you try on your own accord to make special arrangements with the lady ignoring to involve the agency, the lady shall be compelled to believe that your intentions are not pure but instead to want to safe further future expenses. Furthermore you are putting the lady in an unpleasant situation by demanding a disloyal conduct from her. If the arrangement satisfies all the concerned parties, and you decide to embark on a mutual lives journey, the agency shall, as a matter of course, retreat after a couple of months, at the request of the lady and wish you all the best!

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